Ohio is Fighting Unrestricted Abortion

It's up to you — and all Catholics — to fight for life.


When Shall We Begin To Do Good?

For the next several months, pro-abortion forces will be circulating petitions throughout Ohio, attempting to put an abortion amendment on the ballot in November 2023. Legal experts say the amendment would be one of the most extreme in the nation, legalizing abortion at any time during a pregnancy right up to the moment of birth and allowing girls of any age to obtain an abortion without parental notification or consent. Planning is underway at our parishes to raise awareness and organize dedicated times of prayer and fasting, volunteer opportunities, and fundraising to defeat the amendment.

Join Our Lay Sodality: 'Defenders of
God's Precious Infants'

What is a lay sodality? A sodality is a fellowship of lay Catholics who come together for a charitable purpose. This sodality, named “Defenders of God’s Precious Infants”, is being formed to invest spiritually in the fight to prevent abortion from being enshrined in Ohio’s constitution. Everyone who joins the sodality will be committing to some form of prayer, penance, and almsgiving over the next five months. 

When does the Defenders of God’s Precious Infants Sodality begin? When does it end? June 7th, 2023 – November 7th, 2023.

How do I join? How do I bring this to my parish? Download this document to learn more about the sodality and email us at “mobilize@mariaforlife.org” to join.

Sign Up To Stay Informed

As you read this, pro-life groups around the state are creating strategies to stop the abortion amendment. We will know of specific opportunities to get involved by the end of April.

Whether you want a paid summer job, or have a weekly hour to donate, Ohio babies and women will be helped by your efforts!

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